Maker of my Heart

Lord God, Creator of all, Maker of my heart …
I bring my heart to You this day for softening…

… like a child’s, softened to forgive quickly, easily,
without judgement, prejudice, bitterness, or resentment;

… like a field, softened to receive seeds of Your truth,
that the fruit of Your Holy Spirit might be produced
through my life;

… like clay, softened, that I might be shaped today
more completely into the man or the woman
You want me to become.

Flow the rivers of Your life over my heart,
and bring it to renewal, O Lord.
And where my heart is hardened
simply by the heat of duty,
the weariness of work, the attack of enemies,
the slings and arrows of the inconsiderate or crude …
at those points,
give me a vision of Your heart today, Lord.
Through Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Jack Hayford



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